Options Trading.

Are you planning on becoming an Options Trader? The Advantie team is here to provide you with the best resources needed to be an advanced trader! We empower you to invest in the stock market by providing the most important skill set of education and mentoring. We also give real-time trade alerts that we make on our account and the support of an entire community of traders are at your fingertips through our Discord server. Join our exclusive team to start trading with confidence!

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Enhance Your Income

Multiple streams of income can make you more financially stable. The Stock Market is one of those sources. Investing in the stock market requires never-ending knowledge. Researching technical & fundamental analysis and staying up to date with the market news requires a lot of time. We are here around the clock focusing on teaching you to be profitable consistently through our resources of education and real-time alerts.

Why Advantie

To hack the trade market and be a profitable trader requires time and concentration. The issue for an average person with a full-time job is not having enough time to utilize the knowledge despite having the interest to invest. The Advantie team makes this process easier with our all in one Exclusive Discord Server. We are a private community of many like-minded individuals who learn and trade together to earn profits. Our community of skilled analysts and traders are here for you whether you are new to options trading or an intermediate trader. Our mission is to help you to reach your financial goal and most importantly to teach you to become a self-sufficient trader.

Prioritize Education Over Profit

We believe in "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest". Just focusing on earning profit without the intention to learn how it works, won't help you gain proper success. You may earn profit in the short term but to be a skilled trader and attain long-term success, you must have proper knowledge and discipline in this business. Our dedicated Advantie team will help teach you the several styles of trading including scalp trades, day trades, swing trades, and position trades. We give out live trade alerts and keep the community members updated on different opportunities and notify them when to take profits on those trades. We have resources such as Advantie’s automated transformer bots to give live alerts for our daily-watchlist and flow orders. Our members can ask any educational questions in our Mentoring chat. We have mentors working Mon-Fri to answer all of your questions.

Our Services

Trading bots

We have bots and channels like no other. Our bots are all in real-time, so you can remove the noise and zone in on what really matters.

Mentoring Chat

Our mentors are available to answer all of your questions. We are eagerly waiting for you to experience the beauty of the Advantie trading community!

Earnings Analysis

We do technical and fundamental analysis on a regular basis. It is the most important piece of puzzle to hack the trading market. Our team researches the most anticipated and predicted volatility report on companies reporting earnings for the week. Then we pick 5 tickers for our earnings-watchlist and identify opportunities for profitable entry.


Advantie provides the latest stock market, financial, business and earnings news. Stay updated and read the news as it happens.

Voice Channel

You can join the voice channels to start a private or general conversation with each other. You can also use our Rythm channel for listening to your favorite music.

Live Trade Alerts

We offer a better real-time alert system through our Discord channels. We announce all of our entries and exits so everyone can follow together.

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“Educating Traders - Transforming Lives” is our motto!